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Organizing a Bachelorette Party in Houston

Guide to Organizing a Bachelorette Party in Houston

We recently wrote about the Top 5 Adult Birthday Party Ideas in Houston and we’d like to follow suit by offering a few ideas for anyone planning a bachelorette party in Houston. 

Problem: Your best friend has asked you to plan her the best bachelorette party in Houston and you have no idea how to start planning what should be one of the best days or weekends of your friend’s life!

Solution: Sit back, relax, and get a few ideas from Pedal Saloon. Houston is an amazing city and we can get your party planning back on track!

Explore the City with a Houston Pedal Party

A group of girlfriends celebrating their bachelorette party with Pedal Saloon

Firstly, we’d like to recommend our own Houston bike bar experience. If you haven’t gone on a “pedal party” before, you’re in for a treat. Essentially, our bike bars offer a party bus experience — but way more fun! Why is it more fun, we hear you ask? Well, it’s completely open, with no walls between your party and the beautiful streets of Houston. This a great way to explore the city, making it perfect for bachelorette party-goers who have never visited Houston before. But it’s also just a lot of fun to wave at passers-by. There’s just something so fun and sociable about being out in the open as you cycle your own personal bar. Did we mention that part? It’s a mobile bar that everyone cycles to move it along. The novelty doesn’t wear off and you can bring your own beverages on the bike bar, having a few drinks with your best girls as you explore Midtown Houston!

Chill and Chat in Midtown’s Bars

Street view in midtown Houston on a sunny day
Midtown Houston in all its glory (SourceLicence)

Midtown Houston has many of the best bars in Houston and it’s a good idea to take your bachelorette party around at least a few of them. Perhaps you think that a bar crawl through Midtown Houston isn’t high-octane enough for a bachelorette party, but we’d argue that you need to mix up the high-energy and relaxing activities — especially if your party is taking place over multiple days. Maybe that one impressive friend can dance and woohoo and dance some more, without the need for some downtime, but they’re the exception that proves the rule. You can take a chilled-out bar crawl through Houston on your own, or you can use one of our pedal saloons to cycle in-between each of the bars. It doesn’t get more novel than that! If you need a little inspiration about which bars to visit, we wrote a blog listing our top 5 bars in Houston back in September.

Get your Dance on

Image of the dj console on a night club

It’s not a bachelorette party without dancing! This is a universal law of nature! However, not all clubs are created equal, and choosing the right venue could make a huge difference to whether or not everyone has a good time. There has to be a good atmosphere, good music, and the right kind of clientele to ensure your group has an unforgettable time. The good news is that Houston has some amazing nightclubs perfect for roving bachelorette parties to dance to their hearts’ content. Here is a shortlist of the best dance clubs in Houston for bachelorette parties:

Pure — Found on 505 Main St, Pure’s central location is great and the pleasant atmosphere is welcoming of larger parties. The club is widely renowned for the quality of its music and its charismatic DJs. 

Fox Hollow — Found on 4617 Nett St, Fox Hollow is widely regarded as one of Houston’s top dance clubs. This is where some of the trendier people will show up on Houston’s dance scene. You’ll find all kinds of music here, but there is a particular emphasis on R&B and hip-hop.

Numbers — Found on 300 Westheimer, Numbers is perfect if you’re looking for retro music and a great atmosphere. Numbers has a reputation as one of Houston’s most legendary clubs, so it’s kind of a rite of passage to go there!

Club Tropicana — Found on 3222 Fondren, Club Tropicana is Houston’s top Latin dance club. There is salsa, merengue, bachata, and many more dances to choose between. You don’t need to know all of these dances to take part, though, so don’t let that intimidate you. Just get up on the dance floor and move to the rhythm!

Relax in a Houston Spa

Image of a woman in a Spa during a back and shoulder massge

Calming things right down after your night of dancing is a very good idea. Apart from that one pal who has limited energy, the rest of you will need to take it easy. This is the perfect time to hit a spa and pamper yourself! Enjoy a mani-pedi, get a massage, or just chill in the sauna, sweating out those toxins… There are so many great spas to choose between in Houston that are perfect for bachelorette parties, but we recommend checking out Milk + Honey and Hiatus Spa + Retreat first of all. Wherever you choose, you will just have to weigh up the level of luxury (cost) and everyone’s budget for the weekend. 

That’s all we have time for today. We hope we’ve given a few maids of honor a helpful nudge in the right direction in planning a bachelorette party in Houston. This amazing city has so much to offer and we’re sure you’re going to have an incredible time. If you have any questions about our Houston pedal parties, please feel free to contact us whenever you like. Start planning the ultimate bachelorette party in Houston with a little help from Pedal Saloon!

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