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Top 5 Adult Birthday Party Ideas in Houston

Houston is an amazing city with so much to offer visitors and anyone lucky enough to call it their home. Houston is deceptively large, so it can be a little overwhelming for anyone trying to research the perfect birthday day out. That’s where we come in, as we operate a successful bike bar service in Houston and regularly entertain birthday parties. We’d like to tell you a little more about our pedal parties in Houston, but we also want to suggest a few other great birthday party ideas for adults!

A Birthday Pedal Party in Houston


group of friends enjoying a tour with Pedal Saloon

The first birthday idea on this list is Pedal Saloon’s bike bar crawl through Houston! We get so many birthday parties and our Facebook reviews will give you an idea of the quality of our service. Our guides/drivers have one main goal: to make sure you all have a great time, and that’s what you can expect. Cycle around Houston on our pedal saloon, seeing the sights and stopping off at some of Houston’s best bars along the way. This is a bar crawl where you pedal your own personal bar in between each stop! It’s a lot of fun and the perfect birthday party activity in Houston.

Book an Escape Room Experience

Image that shows different clues for the escape room game, such as a watch, luggage, a gun
Escape room game

If you prefer your birthdays to be smaller, more sober, affairs with three or four close friends, then one of Houston’s many escape rooms is a fantastic way to have fun with your buddies on your birthday. Houston is incredibly lucky, as it has no shortage of escape rooms to choose from, and some are even themed. So, if you’re planning a birthday for your friend, it might help to shop around a little so that you can find the perfect escape room for them!

Indoor Skydiving in Houston

 Indoor Skydivers with wind tunnel, free fall simulator
Indoor skydiving

Have you always liked the idea of skydiving but you’re scared of jumping off a plane? What sensible person isn’t scared of jumping out of a plane? Houston is lucky enough to have an indoor skydiving center called iFLY. If you haven’t seen indoor skydiving before, it’s essentially a big room with so much upward blowing wind that you float in the air. It’s great for anyone who needs to build up the skills and courage to do real skydiving, but it’s also a fantastic way to ensure you have a truly memorable birthday party!

Axe Throwing in Houston

Axe stick on the bullseye target in throwing axe
Axe stick on the bullseye target in throwing axe

Axe throwing is kind of a big deal. We don’t know exactly when it became so popular, but there are plenty of different axe throwing spots located throughout Houston, so you have a lot of options to choose between. We won’t say which axe throwing options are best as that’s probably not our place to do so, but we will say that axe throwing is a great birthday party activity. It’s not as hard as you think and there’s something VERY satisfying about the sound the axe makes when it thumps right into the bullseye!

Have a Birthday Photoshoot in Houston

backstage of photo shooting with a professional camera in forefront and a woman on the background
Photo shooting backstage

There are several photo galleries in Houston like FOMO Factory that place lots of emphasis on having as much fun as possible. With various wacky rooms to take photos in, with a huge array of props, you and your pals can make hundreds of birthday memories. This is perfect for anyone who isn’t shy in front of a camera, and it might even bring one or two of your friends out of their shell! This is a super fun activity but the best thing about it is how many tangible photographic memories you’ll have for years to come.

That’s all we have time for on this blog, but it’s also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to birthday party ideas in Houston. That said, we hope we’ve helped one or two readers plan the perfect birthday party! If you have any specific questions about our Houston pedal parties, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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