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Take part in one of the best team building activities in Houston on our fun Pedal Saloon tours! Unlike traditional work dinners or team building events in Houston, these unique and exciting group trips mean enjoying the sights and sounds as you bond with your team. Choose from a range of stops at top-notch restaurants, bars, and other fun spots, or simply enjoy the ride—it’s all up to you!

If your team is up for the adventure, we offer custom scavenger hunts and Pedal Saloon bingo games that your team can play while on the pedal saloon. All of our four locations can accommodate teams of all sizes, including those larger than 15 people. Just give us a call or text, and we will work with you to book a double-tour, triple-tour, or explore other options to ensure that everyone on your team can see all the fun things to do in Houston and participate in this exciting team building adventure.


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