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Different names for Bike Bars

Here’s a brief guide to the different names for this fun-filled activity!

Here at Pedal Saloon, one of the challenges we face is that lots of our potential customers don’t really know what to call our vehicles. Obviously, we think the best name for them is “pedal saloon” and that’s why we decided to call our company Pedal Saloon, but the concept is still relatively new and there are so many different names for them with no “official” name for everyone to use. As there is a little confusion about what you should call them, we thought we’d write a short blog to help clear things up!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Call them whatever you like!

We’re a pretty easy-going bunch here at Pedal Saloon, and this means that we really don’t mind what anyone calls our vehicles; all we care about is that our guests have a good time. Check out the TripAdvisor reviews on our Ann Arbor service or our testimonials and you’ll see that our record speaks for itself! 

So, What is a Pedal Saloon?

If you live in Ann Arbor, Arlington, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, or Lansing, you’ve probably seen one of our weird and wonderful vehicles on the roads and not realised exactly what it was. They are mobile bars where you can sit around with your buddies and enjoy a beer, wine, or your favourite soft drink. 

It gets better (and more fun), because although most of our mobile bars have motor-assist, they can still be propelled forwards by raw, unassisted pedal power — which is to say that our guests all have bike pedals under their seats and the force they generate by pedalling is transferred to the wheels of the bar and the whole thing is steered by our trained drivers-come-guides. This is a mobile bar combined with a tandem bike and it’s an amazing way to have a fun night out with your friends or family — perhaps to celebrate a birthday or a bachelor/bachelorette party. 

Pedal Saloon party tour group
A mobile bar combined with a tandem bike and it’s an amazing way to have a fun night out with your friends!

The Different Words for Pedal Saloons

Depending on who you ask, people will tell you that our pedal-powered bars are called something different. The most popular name for them is ‘bike bar’, which makes sense as it’s a bike that’s also a bar… Here are some of the other names:

Pedal Bar — It’s a bar with pedals. A simple, elegant name for a simple, elegant vehicle…

Party Bike — Yeah, this gets the right message across. It always feels like a party on one of these bad boys!

Pedaling Party — It feels more like you would host a pedaling party rather than call the vehicle a ‘pedaling party’… But hey… lots of people call it pedal party, so it’s a thing. 

Pedal Pub — This sounds quite British to us — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Cycle Pub — Similar to pedal pub but without the alliteration.

Beerbike — Yup! Nothing fancy. Just take the words beer and bike and smoosh them together. Lovely!

Birriciclo — This is the common Italian name for it and it does sound pretty catchy. Everyone, hop onto the birriciclo; let’s go!

Pedal Saloon – That’s us! We think it’s got a real western vibe to it that fits with many of our locations. Get your cowboys and cowgirls together and come on one of our pedal saloons!

Pedal Saloon bike bar
It’s us! Pedal Saloon!

Please feel free to book one of our pedal parties if you’re visiting one of Pedal Saloon’s cities! And do get in touch if you have any questions.

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