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The 5 Best Bars in Houston

Pedal Saloon Bike Bar Houston

You’ve found your way to this blog post because you want to know the five best bars in Houston. Houston has some of the best bars in Texas and we want to help you figure out where to go! Here at Pedal Saloon, we love a good bar and we make it our business to personally find out which bars and clubs are the best in all of the cities our bike bars operate in. As we provide incredible bike bar tours in Houston, we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite Houston watering holes. 

Note: of course, any list of this kind is subjective and we’re sorry if your favorite bar didn’t make our list. We’re sure it has made someone else’s list instead. And if you want to visit any bar on this list, or one of your own, while on your own pedal party in midtown Houston, please don’t be afraid to say to your driver!

5) Wooster’s Garden

Wooster's Garden Bar in Houston Texas

Image source: Yelp

Wooster’s Garden seems to make it onto lots of other people’s list of top Houston bars and restaurants — and for good reason! Wooster’s Garden has a superb list of cocktails to choose from, as well as a great selection of craft beers. Its entire drinks menu is a thing of beauty and they’ve clearly put a lot of time and thought into it. The atmosphere is great as the high ceilings help give the whole place an open feeling. If you love going out for a few drinks with pals but you don’t like getting packed into a small, busy room, then Wooster’s Garden is your dream bar!

4) Glitter Karaoke

Glitter Karaoke Bar in Houston Texas

Image source: Yelp

Glitter Karaoke isn’t as fancy as the other bars on this list. It’s not even close. But this doesn’t matter at all because Glitter Karaoke has something none of the other bars on our list has: non-stop karaoke! Lots of bars host karaoke nights, but very few bars specialize in it. That’s exactly what Glitter Karaoke has done. It’s the best place in Houston if your idea of a good night is having a few beers and singing a few of your favorite songs. The atmosphere in the bar is great, and you don’t need to have a great singing voice to have a great time… The only condition is that you remember to enjoy yourself; if you love what you’re singing, the crowd will too! You’ll find Glitter Karaoke at 2621 Milam St. Check out the website for more information.

3) Pub Fiction

Pub Fiction Bar logo Houston Texas

Image source: Pub Fiction

If you’re a big sports fan, then Pub Fiction is the place to be. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine how they could have fit any more TV screens into the space! Pub Fiction has great vibes, incredible food, and a fantastic selection of drinks, so it’s well worth a visit, even if you aren’t into sports. You’ll find Pub Fiction on 2303 Smith St. and it is more than deserving of a spot on your Houston bar crawl!

2) Mongoose Versus Cobra

Mongoose versus Cobra bar Houston Texas

Image source:  Mongoose Versus Cobra manifesto

Mongoose Versus Cobra should be on anyone’s list of great bars in Houston! Don’t let the small size of this bar mislead you; Mongoose Versus Cobra goes to great lengths to “champion the most artfully and passionately made beer and spirits” and you can see this in the huge range of drinks on offer. There’s a wonderfully eccentric vibe to this whole bar and their brand ethos of championing great beer is connected to the rivalry between the cobra and the mongoose, as you can see from the image above, taken from their website’s manifesto. You’ll find Mongoose Versus Cobra on 1011 McGowen Road.

1) Axelrad

Axelrad Bar in Houston Texas

Image source: Yelp

Axelrad is an incredible bar and it’s usually the top of most locals’ lists too. Not only does it have a great atmosphere and a huge variety of beers, it also puts on regular special events, such as movie nights, music gigs, and other one-time-only events. Oh, and did we mention that Axelrad has its own hammock garden… You’ll find Axelrad on 1517 Alabama, or just ask your pedal party driver to take you there!

Plan the Ultimate Bar Crawl in Houston!

Now that you have our definitive top 5 bars in Houston, you can put your newfound knowledge to good use and plan the ultimate Houston bar crawl. Many of the groups that book our pedal parties do so with the express goal of going on a pub crawl through Houston, drinking at their own personal bar in between each stop! Book your own Houston pedal party today and get in touch if you have any questions for us!

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