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What To Expect On A Bar Bike Tour of Houston!

What to expect on a bike bar tour of Houston?

You’ve gathered your crew, picked your date and booked your Houston Pedal Saloon tour! Now what? Bike bar tours are an amazing way to explore a city, but they’re relatively new and lots of our customers don’t quite know what to expect! With this blog, we’d like to take a look at what you can expect during your pedal bar tour of Houston…


Side note: If you’re visiting other cities in the US, you may like to check out our Arlington bike bar tours and our bike bar tours in Ann Arbor!


The logistics on a Houston bike bar tour

Before your pedal party can begin, there are a few logistics to keep in mind. Make sure to arrive at the meeting spot (430 Bremond St., Houston, TX 77006 — Behind Dog House Tavern) about 15 minutes before your tour starts. This will give you a chance to meet your driver and get set up for your tour. Make sure to bring your ID and the email confirming you signed your waiver. Once all the logistical stuff is out of the way, it’s time to get your pedal party rolling!


Almost everyone will have to pedal on your tour!

Just like a regular bicycle, our 14-person bike bars are pedal powered. That means that you and your crew have to pedal to make it move. Each pedal bar has 12 “pedaling” seats plus a bench seat along the back. So, if you have someone in your group that isn’t up for pedaling, there is a space for them! While you do have to pedal, the bike bars are equipped with small motors that kick in when you need to get up hills and they can help get you moving on other tough spots, after you’ve stopped.


Bar Crawling in Houston

To bar hop or not to bar hop… During your two-hour party-bike tour, it’s totally up to you how to spend your time. Some groups like to bar hop, while others pedal through Midtown the entire time, all the while sipping their favorite alcoholic beverages! Our drivers are local experts and can help your group pick 3-4 bars that best fit the party vibe you’re going for. If you’d prefer to spend your time touring Midtown, remember that you can bring your own beer or wine aboard, but no glass, please! You can even create a scavenger hunt or come ready with some trivia questions to take your tour to the next level!


Still have questions about what to expect during your bike bar tour, check out our bike bar FAQ page or give us a call at (832) 356-4123. And book now if you still haven’t set the date for your Houston bike bar adventure!

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